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Three Interesting Facts,
One Smart Solution

  • Well over 50% of all residential garages in the US are not being used to store cars.

  • A lack of storage is one of the leading reasons people cite for selling their collector cars.

  • A lack of storage is also one of the leading reasons potential owners don't buy a collector car.

Garage Pointer has been created to easily and efficiently match the holder of unused or under-utilized garage space with the collector car owner - Putting cash in the pocket of one and solving the storage problem of the other.

Rather than renting a storage unit that may be expensive, inconveniently located or worse, located in an unsafe area like a flood plain or high-crime area, Garage Pointer introduces vehicle owners to their neighbors who have safe and convenient garage space they’re not using.

Garage Pointer is a FREE connection service for bringing these two parties together - and that's it! There are also no ongoing monthly fees or charges, regardless of rent, duration or renewal.

From weekend or weekly vacation needs to multi-year solutions, Garage Pointer delivers multiple options to both parties, providing a real time active solution to the collector car market.


Become a member of our verified network of pre-screened quality hosts and renters.


View garages near you or search by area. Our search tools provide easy access to features and photos.


When a suitable garage is found, book and coordinate with the host to finalize the details. Begin storing your vehicle immediately.